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VHI is a new two-year certificate program designed to give you a deeper understanding of scripture from a Kingdom of God perspective.  Over the course of the program you will study each book of the Bible along with topics such as Church History, Theology, Biblical Interpretation, Spiritual Growth, and much more.  

Who is VHI for?

It is for those who desire to increase their knowledge of Scripture and theology in order to engage God?s call in their life as one of Jesus? Disciples.  It?s especially for those feeling the tug to engage people in their workplace or neighborhood more confidently as well as leading at some level in the church

As children of God, we are called to know and love God, and to learn of our new identity in Christ so that we can live a transformed life with purpose to impact the world around us. VHI exists to equip you through high quality biblical and theological education so that you are prepared for kingdom work at any level in the church and in the world. 

Two Tracks: 

       Discipleship Track:  For those who want to better understanding of scripture. You will take 12 classes over the course of 2 years

     Leadership Track (By Invitation only): In addition to the 12 classes you will take part in Pastoral mentoring along with practical training opportunities such as planning outreach projects and hands on ministry experience.

** Cost is TBD. For more information please see Ray Weickel or Mark Tippett

Our next Semester Starts this September!!

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